Sunday, August 08, 2010

Taos magic

Back to Taos ... magical land of rainbows

and alpacas

and knitting and rock climbing

and heavenliness all around.

I was working intensively on another secret shawl project for a while (revealed soon!) so I still haven't finished the sagebrush shrug. But I picked it up again on yesterday's climbing trip to Tres Piedras, and I expect to finish it up this very evening!


Turtle said...

;) would still love to see a closeup of the last one up close after you blocked, was hard to tell in the pic.

dori said...

i was looking at the background of these photos on Ravelry going "this is new mexico, i KNOW it is"...

i had to do a little blog-stalking but yep, i was right. 'tis my Land of Enchantment, for sure. :-)

I love this new shrug, thank you so, so much for making it freely available!

Anonymous said...

Oh, wow! The landscape is breathtaking! Me and my "mountain man" (love that term!) also do quite a bit of hiking, but you really can't compare Arizona to the Black Forest (where we live -well, close to it) or the Austrian Alps (where we usually spend our hiking holidays). Keep those great hiking photos coming!
Cheers, Doro (aka Domic on Ravelry)