Thursday, July 29, 2010

steamed and seamed

I blocked out the sagebrush lace and seamed it for an inch or two on either side, and this is the state of things now:

Looks a lot different, doesn't it? Blocking is truly magic for lace.

I could stop now if I wanted to keep the scalloped edging, but I think a couple inches of ribbing around the edges will make it more wearable for me (longer and less granny-like). I'm going back to Taos next week, so it'll be the perfect place to celebrate its finishing.


Acorn to Oak said...

It's beautiful! The color is so pretty too! Can't wait to see it with the added touches. Sounds like they'll be great!

vicki said...

oh so fabulous!


Gnat said... looks fantastic!!

Julie said...

It really is so lovely!! cant' wait to see it completely finished, it's going to be stunning.

alisa said...

ooh la la! love it. the scalloped edging is interesting, but i agree that some inches of ribbing would avoid the dreaded S.G.! magnifique!

Turtle said...

love it, a bit hard to see the stitch detail. luv the color too.

Talia said...

Hi... I found your blog via Knitters on Belay. You have inspired me to try some lace knitting projects I've been thinking about. Your knitting and pictures are beautiful! Thanks for sharing!