Friday, July 09, 2010

Taos fibers

I can't stand having my hands idle. After prematurely running out of yarn, I skipped off to the yarn shop, thrilled to have an excuse to treat myself to La Lana's luscious naturally-dyed Taos yarns. I bought a tussah silk and wool blend yarn (Tussah Phat Silk Fine) to make a sagebrush-inspired shrug:

And a few skeins of their wool-mohair DK yarn (Dos Mujeres), along with a skein of Lupine-dyed silk-wool, to make an artistic colorwork hat and mittens set for the winter. (Have I mentioned that I'm moving back to Boston for a year, starting in September? I'm not excited about it, but it does give a reason to knit mittens.)

I haven't cast on for anything yet -- still in the dreaming, sketching, and planning stages -- but I had one more fiber-related activity to fit in last night. My friend and I sat out in the evening, watching the thunder clouds over Taos Mountain, drinking wine and carding alpaca fiber.

It's no wonder that whenever I come to Taos, I never want to leave!


Acorn to Oak said...

Ooooh...such pretty yarns! And, that last picture looks so awesome and inviting! I love the feel of a thunderstorm in the summer...even just the clouds.

dragonflywillow said...

Taos is very beautiful. All of New Mexico is in it's own way. Just wanted to tell you I really enjoy your blog, too. I dream to create like you do, some day.

Turtle said...

awe , boston will be a blast for a year, think of the new yarn shops you can visit, as well as maybe hot new classes with our east coast bloggers, teachers, fiber addicts.

vicki said...

A beautiful setting for a glass of wine and a place to knit! WOW!!!

The yarn is delicious looking - love that color! we just returned from a trip to Atlanta - visited 3 yarn shops and I am afraid that I was very bad!


Anonymous said...


gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

oohh, I would love to be in one of those chairs, I can practically smell it. One of my favorite things about NM is that smell of dry air, pinon and sage.
I can't blame you for not being overly excited about Boston, but it is a great place to be a knitter.