Tuesday, July 20, 2010

muslin & lace

I'm back in Phoenix now, back in the land of staggering heat and sun.

All I want is to retreat to the interior of the house, pull the shades, and wear something so light and loose that it barely touches my skin. So, I pulled out my sewing machine and made a mid-thigh muslin muumuu.

It's totally unflattering but just the thing to wear when it's 114 degrees out there in the desert.

If I'd had a finer fabric, I might have used it. But I had yards and yards of this muslin and didn't feel like venturing out. Anyways, I like it. It's crisp, clean, old-fashioned.

The construction was simple, although it did take some time to figure out the sizing. The body is just two trapezoids - a slimmer one for my back and a wider one to be gathered for the front - with a wide band and crocheted cotton trim for the straps. I do especially like the straps.

In other cool white cotton crafting news .... I finished a project that I'd been secretly working on for some months. It's an organic cotton blanket, circular, with a dramatic lace edging.

I'm writing up the pattern and will release it, oh, I don't know, in the next couple of months. It's definitely a summery pattern, although it could be a wintry pattern in a fine white wool.


Acorn to Oak said...

I love the circular blanket! It's gorgeous! Your new dress looks comfy and cool...perfect for this hot summer.

Andrea said...

Oh my! That blanket is gorgeous! I'll be looking forward to that pattern!

Julie said...

I love the little lace straps on the cotton top, it looks so lovely!! and holy cow, that blanket is AMAZING.

Turtle said...

i think your dessert mumu looks beautiful, so clean and simple yet feminine. Love that white knitting...can't wait for that pattern!! ;)

sharyn said...

Hanna -

love the dress - you should see if you can find some linen or hemp - will be even cooler than the cotton muslin.

as for the white cotton lace blanket is stunning. Love it! definitely will be desiring the pattern once done.

Nicole said...

Did the shawl ever turn into a pattern? I love it.