Monday, November 05, 2007


I feel like I've accumulated a number of things to blog about ... but for today I'll just introduce this little lady, swinging in the grapefruit trees:

Pattern: Little Sitster from The Natural Knitter (see Hob I and Hob II)
Yarn: For the hair, I used some snippets of La Lana Tussah Phat Silk, in medium indigo. For the body, I used Henry's Attic Gaia organic wool that I'd dyed with goldenrod flowers.

This vibrant yellow Hob is like a shot of energy. I have her sitting on the windowsill above my desk, and I smile whenever I catch a glimpse of her. Another thing that's been making me happy lately is persimmons:

Our local market has had a special on these jewel-like fruits, and I've been luxuriating in the pleasure of bringing them home a dozen at a time. I can't wait to plant a persimmon tree in our front yard next spring!


Our Occasional Blog said...

Beautiful persimmon picture, Hanna. Thanks for giving me something to do while sitting in environmental law class.

Anonymous said...

oooh Hob III is so cute! Is she for a gift or just to brighten your day (not JUST to brighten your day, that is a wonderful reason!).

I'm not even sure I'd know what to do with a persimmon.

Gustavo said...

I love persimmons, though i think I've only had one or two before. Amazing that you'll have a whole tree!

Knitting Linguist said...

That's a great persimmon picture! I love persimmon trees, too -- the way they have all this lovely bright fruit hanging from them as the days get dark. Funny thing is, I'm not all that fond of persimmons! Except in cookies. Mmmm....persimmon cookies (heads off to local market).