Tuesday, November 13, 2007

sweater bear

Way back in September, you may remember my saying that I knit up a baby sweater for a cousin of mine. It took me ages to seam up the sleeves, but I think it all came out swell!

It's an improvised pattern, using a bottom-up raglan template and cables inspired by the Bookworm Sweater. The yarn is a soft, heathered worsted wool, and it's knit on size 7 bambo needles.

The only hitch is that it's quite small. I was shooting for a 6 month size but ended up with more of a 3 month size, according to the standard sizing list (that I only discovered AFTER I knit it). And since the baby has already been born, this may only fit for a very, very short time.

That's where the teddy bear comes in. At the suggestion of one of the women in my knitting group (very clever!!) I bought a teddy bear that fits the sweater. So even if the baby has outgrown the sweater, it'll still get some use! And it makes for a darling gift.

This final photo was a smile-inducing outtake from my teddy bear photo shoot. I wanted a snapshot of my kitty cat, who was wandering through the grass, inspecting my activities. But she moves much quicker than my shutter speed. All I got was the crook of her tail, with the teddy bear in the grass behind her.


Rachael said...

So Cute!!

Macoco said...

The sweater is so sweet. It's a shame that the baby will only get to wear it for such a short time - but the teddy bear idea is so clever!!

Jadielady said...

That is such an awesome idea for the sweater! And it fits the bear perfectly :)
Gotta love the tail crook, and the poor toppled bear in the background :)

Theresa said...

That's a great idea to do when giving baby sweaters!