Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Hello world!

Meet Hob.
I knit this fellow up this weekend, when we were on Cape Cod with Mountain Man's friends. I made it for their sweet, playful 2-year old daughter, who promptly and inexplicably named him "Hob."

The pattern is "Little Sit-sters," from The Natural Knitter. It's a clever and adaptable pattern, which I'll definitely be knitting again and again. It was a simple way to learn double knitting (a very cool technique that I'd love to experiment with for socks and sleeves). And it's an excellent use for leftover bits of yarn. For this one I used some worsted silk/wool yarn that's been in my stash for at least six or seven years and, for wild hair, Fleece Artist mohair.
I was so taken with this pattern and so gleeful about using up this yarn and so excited about the little poseable person that I'd created, that I'd say it made me happier than it made the two year old recipient. Or maybe I just don't know how two year olds show their love. Hob spent the afternoon being thrown around the house - off the bed, off the couch, down the stairs. There were plans for throwing him into the mud puddles, too, but somehow I got the message across that Hob doesn't like to swim!


alisa said...

so cuuute. but the mystery remains...how do you get the thing to pose?

sharon said...

hob is adorable - I have an almost two year old that might love that

Macoco said...

That is so sweet. I love the names kids come up with for things. I gave my nephew a knitted snake and he called him Tab.