Monday, November 21, 2011

happy girl, sad doggie

Late November. The desert is cooling down, with chilly nights and crisp days. I finished up my green Open Studio late last week (in Malabrigo on size 6's), and it was just the thing to wear during a cloudy day climbing in the Refuge.

Isis had a good day, basking in the beauty around her. Such a sensitive beast.

The knitting that I'd brought along was yet another Open Studio hat, in the same rich brown wool as Mountain Man's sweater. I thought I could cajole Isis into trying it on. She was a good sport as long as I was there petting and reassuring her ....

But as soon as I moved out of the frame, it was another matter. A very serious matter.


Well aside from a few sad moments of puppy dog eyes, it was a glorious day. And as we drove out of the climbing country on rough dirt roads, we were treated to a beautiful sunset.

Such an amazing land this is!


Jackie said...

You really did a wonderful job on that hat pattern. They all look so warm and intricate. Isis is such a good sport :-) Beautiful nature shots as usual, too. I love you blog!

Julie said...

haha, that photo is hilarious!! I guess being a hat model just isn't in the furry cards. that sunset is unbelievably beautiful, I can imagine how amazing it must have been in person.

Fynpige said...

Love to read your blog, and see the nature in your contry. Hey from Denmark