Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mountain Man's Sweater

At long last, I have knit my man a sweater and made him happy.

It's a simple, seamless, stockinette sweater, knit just the way he wanted it, with raglan sleeves

and rustic rolled edges at the neck, waist, and wrists.

The yarn is a soft, lofty, naturally colored, chocolate brown wool (Fibranatura Shepherd's Own). Quite appropriately, I knit much of it on our climbing trips over the past couple of months - see here here and here. It was always a pleasure to pull my knitting out of my climbing bag and feel this soft yarn in my rock-roughened fingers.

Isis, too, is delighted by it.

The backstory, by the way, is that for years Mountain Man has been wearing these rough wool sweaters that he picked up during field work in Nepal. They're huge, coarse, drop-shouldered beasts that keep getting holes worn in them that I have to darn up. See for yourself.

He loves those sweaters, so I can't disparage them too much, but I must say that I think this new one is a great improvement :)


KiniaCat Crafts said...

Handsome Sweater!
Handsome Gent!
Clever Isis and even more clever Knitter!
Well done!!

Darline said...

Nice Sweater and love the places where you took pictures..

lexa said...

Love it! My Hubs has been waiting years for a sweater. And he's still waiting, lol. (He's big and tall, all his height is in the torso, so I'd have to add inches to whatever I pick. That's the hold back -- XXL with added length!!)

kathy b said...

WOnderful raglan...rolled edges are the best! Now that I have been to the desert I recognize the saguaro in the image...where are you hiking????

Acorn to Oak said...

The sweater looks great! And, Mountain Man looks very happy to be wearing it. :-)

AB said...

ooh ooh ooooooh it looks just fabulous! despite the grumbling, i'm glad you made him keep trying it on - it fits perfectly!!! and it's JUST Mountain Man's style! nice work LB.

Rachel said...

This made me laugh out loud...almost a decade ago, my husband bought a sweater very similar to this and wore it to pieces. It was his favorite sweater and I keep thinking I need to knit one to replace it! Outdoor men and their rugged wool sweaters!