Sunday, February 06, 2011

dose of the desert

Desert weekend.

Means: knitting between climbs.

We were out in a secret area that Mountain Man and his friend are developing for rock climbing. I love these tough, sweet guys out on the rocks. I was so happy to get to see their first ascent of this beautiful 10d.

I swear, I was smiling the whole day (aside from a brief pout at not being able to get through the crux of that climb myself). I was certainly smiling when I got out of the truck in the morning and realized it was still chilly enough for a hat.

Goofy knitter, goes to Arizona and is happy for a cold snap.

Oh, it was heaven! And had me so happy again. It's been a cold stretch in Cambridge. I needed this dose of the desert.


kathy b said...

all great images, but the sun on your face in the car just lights you up

Turtle said...

how nice!

sharyn said...

your photos of the desert help with my homesickness of the desert :)