Thursday, December 30, 2010

day in the desert

Climbing day! Woo-hoo! So, so good to be out in the desert again, to be gearing up and getting out on the rocks.

And of course, knitting between climbs. Hands constantly in motion

stitching miles of stockinette in soft, chocolate-brown wool

*Yawn* says Isis ....

And I have to agree, although there is always something appreciably meditative about stockinette in the round.

Anyways, late in the day, time for the last climb. We left Isis at the bottom, perched on a rock, sphinx-like.

And headed up a gorgeous 300' spire, arriving at the top with the last glow of sunset. I tell you, I just want to drink in this view, have it infuse every cell of mine. I could stay up there forever.

But the sun was dropping fast, so no time to tarry. Mountain Man signed our names in to the summit register

Smile. Breathe. Remember this moment.


kathy b said...

Great great images. Isis is amazingly regal looking. Happy New year blog friend

Acorn to Oak said...

Awesome! :-)

Anonymous said...

Amazing, truly. What a blessing!

lexa said...

Absolutely beautiful! Plus Isis is as gorgeous as ever! :)

Happy New Year!

Turtle said...

a perfect day!

safiyece said...

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