Monday, November 14, 2011


Back in Phoenix now. Had a few days of luciously cool weather.

raindrops on the citrus trees

kitty cat pondering the backyard

knitting weather

It's another Open Studio, this time in rich, green Malabrigo. It's a shorter one, a cap instead of a watchcap. I love it. And it's just screaming for a big pom-pom on top!


kathy b said...

Great CAT image!! Looks like my Beatles.

I love the hat you are making. So lovely. Your images are just awesome

Jackie said...

That green yarn is very pretty; can't wait to see the finished hat!

Acorn to Oak said...

I love these hats. Thanks for the pattern. I just put it into my Ravelry queue. This green yarn is really showing off the cables very nicely.

Julie said...

awesome green post!! that hat is looking great.

Turtle said...

daughter is heading east for a couple of weeks to visit friends just before xmas (on break). I am knitting up a couple of these for gifts for her friends, love it! :) Thanks!

soho stitch said...

Love that green!!! The photos are pretty special to.