Sunday, October 23, 2011


Over the last few days, I did all the tedious finishing details on Mountain Man's situpon.

I decided I didn't like the original cast-on edge ...

So I carefully unpicked the long-tail cast-on, picked up the live stitches, and bound off again, with some k2togs along the way to tighten up the edge. Much cleaner and tidier.

Next, I cut a square of wood grain oilcloth and went around the edges with my small hole-punch. You can sew right through oilcloth with a sharp needle, but holes are necessary for either blanket-stitching with a tapestry needle or crocheting.

Finally, I crocheted the backing to the situpon using contrasting dark brown yarn (actually, the same yarn for Mountain Man's sweater). I did it in a way that looks just like blanket stitch but was much easier (since with regular sewing, I would have needed to be drawing a long length of yarn through each hole, and with crocheting it's just a tiny loop to pull through).

And now it's a sat-upon! We took both sit-upons out climbing yesterday and were very happy indeed on the rough rocks.

Isis feels a bit left out, though, can't you tell?


nordwolke said...

Cool idea!

Turtle said...

lol, love the idea! makes me think of girl scouting in the white mtns!

KnitBee said...

really great!
♥ greetings

lexa said...

Neat! Isis wants one by the look of it, lol.

kathy b said...

clever way to back the edging