Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sierra Nevada Serenity

I've been fleeing the Sun Valley for cooler, mountainous places. The first trip was a quick jaunt to the eastern Sierra. A friend and I hiked up the Meysan Lakes trail and found a sweet campsite to base ourselves out of for a few days of camping and climbing. The pinnacle of our trip: a long, intense, and glorious day of climbing up this ridge to Lone Pine Peak.

We got up there just before sunset and were treated to spectacular views of the mountain shadows, reaching from Mount Whitney down to the valley floor.

The weather was cool and lovely. Meysan Lake was still mostly frozen, even in mid July, and there were stubborn patches of snow tucked into shadowed areas along the trails. Isis was absolutely in heaven, digging and rolling in the snow. (And isn't she adorable in her new little backpack?)

I was in heaven, too. Physically exhausted from the long drive, the climbing, the beating sun, and the altitude. But spellbound by the beauty and serenity of the Sierra

with its soft, subtle sunsets and its deep, lovely sunrises.

So spellbound, in fact, that I didn't knit a single stitch!


Florence said...


Turtle said...

how gorgeous!

just got back from 4 days camping and fishing. (lol, had to wash the pup as he was no longer white!) getting things in a pile to pack for hawaii this thursday. Still trying to get psyched up for it... having lived there for sooo many years not quite the same, but did pick up a new camera i plan to play with! and maybe a few small hikes :)

Acorn to Oak said...

Gorgeous photos!

Bonnie K said...

Breath-taking photos!

kathy b said...

you just never disappoint with your pictures!