Sunday, April 04, 2010

Isolation Canyon

Weekend in Isolation Canyon, camping and climbing. Here's what it looks like from the rim of the canyon (with me, crouching at the top of a climb)

I feel like my eyes have been dulled by the yards of white wool and natural linen passing through my fingers. What a refreshing shock it was to be on the quartzite walls, my face literally pressed into the rock's warm hues.

It was a real sensory pleasure to be out there. Enjoying the chatter of the birds, the rushing of water, the silence of night. The aromas of woodsmoke and morning coffee and sunbaked pine needles.

And all the beautiful textures ... to have hands gripping rock, grasping for sturdy branches, plunging into cold water, digging through rich earth, ruffling through happy dog fur.

Those hands were knitting, too. My clean hands project was the sleeves of my white wool cardigan. My dirty hands project was my mystery shawl in gray wool. Neither is much to show now, but hopefully the cardigan will be finished by our camping trip next week!


Kathy said...

lovely images in between your knits.

Acorn to Oak said...

There's nothing like being out in nature! The sights, sounds, smells, colors, textures....awesome! And, a little knitting out there too...heaven! :-)

PinkAdele said...
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PinkAdele said...

Sorry about deleting my last post, my english was AWFUL! Your Blog is totally inspiring! It's great that you can mix adventure and craft! I am in awe!!