Wednesday, April 14, 2010

blue contemplation

How good it felt to sew the ends in on this little project!

The yarn is naturally dyed wool that I bought from Earth Arts when I visited her New Mexico studio/home last summer. I started knitting it into a Contemplation Pouch last autumn. I don't know why it took me so long to knit on the strap ...

But I'm happy in the end! The yarn is a little sturdier than the other wools that I used in the pattern, and it's a little bigger, too. It's the perfect wee bag to carry my iPod, phone, and leash on my morning walks.

(I tried to get a photo of myself wearing it for scale. At least you get a peek at the cat in the background!)

In other news, we finally put up a laundry line! We've been air drying our clothes on a wooden rack ever since we moved to Arizona, but never got around to installing a line. We finally did it last week, and it's great!

Again, I don't know why it took us so long; once I decided it was time, it only took half an hour to pick it up at the hardware store and install it (or rather, tell Mountain Man to do it, ha ha!).


Acorn to Oak said...

Cute bag! I love projects like that. They're so fun! I like the pic of the jeans on the line. :-)

Anargol said...

Enjoy the laundry line. I love using one here in NM--by the time you hang up a load the first clothes are practically ready to take down again--it doesn't take all day like the humid mid-west, and it rarely rains on my laundry.

Lolly said...

The bag is just great - love the blue and the embroidery. It's simple, beautiful, and functional - a trifecta! :)

Julie said...

What an awesome bag!! I love the embroidery, it's a gorgeous touch.

Kathy said...

Why is it that we procrastinate on such easy tasks? I love the leading line image of the blue jeans.
Also the little purselet is so sweet!