Thursday, February 04, 2010

three green projects

My mind is full of three green projects at the moment. Green in both senses of the word: three different organic merino wools that happen to be green in hue.

The first is my Manzanita cowl, in Fleece Artist Lanica in "Blueberry," which is naturally dyed with blueberry leaves. I love how crisp the stitch pattern is now that it's freshly blocked. I just need to finish the charts and get Mountain Man to take some photographs of me wearing it, and the pattern will be all set!

The second project is a swatch for a beret pattern that I have in mind. The color of this yarn -- which is Lorna's Laces Green Line DK in "Growth" - made me think of an herb garden, so I was playing around with herb-inspired stitch patterns.

I started with variations (regular, upside-down, twisted) on the tree of life pattern, which I thought might evoke rosemary sprigs. Then I played around with a version of the banana tree pattern, but with the leaves arranged in pairs instead of alternating so that it looks more like a twig of sage leaves. I love the swell of these leaves, but I'm not sure it pops enough. So, there's more swatching in store for me.

The third project is the start of another Rivendell hat, using O-Wool Legacy DK in "Grove." It's only an inch of seed stitch so far, but I expect it to grow quickly over the weekend. We're going camping, which means many happy hours of campfire knitting.

It's been interesting for me to compare these three yarns. The Lanica is by far the most interesting in both texture (soft, beautifully blooming single) and color (glowing naturally dyed yellow-green). But the Lorna's Laces and the O-Wool yarns are lovely yarns, too, and I'm very pleased to have them on my needles.


lexa said...

Green.... you can't go wrong with green!

Kathy said...

I think the leaves pop really well. And that isn't always easy to see with a photo, so I think it must be good!

Ivy said...

Oh, wow. Those all look fantastic. I especially love the cowl. It makes me think of springtime.

Turtle said...

sweet! non biased though as green is my fav color! lol Love o-wool!