Sunday, February 07, 2010

rocks, plants, yarn

On Saturday morning, Mountain Man and I had another spectacular day of rock climbing at Lower Devil's East. It was a day of stunning vistas and textures ...

Rock towers (dacite)

Buckhorn Cholla (Cylindopuntia acanthocarpa)

Arizona Barrel Cactus (Ferocactus wislizeni)

Manzanita Cowl (Noro Silk Garden)

Goldenflower Century Plant (Agave chrysantha)

I grabbed the single skein of Silk Garden on my way out the door, cast on during the drive there, knit a bit during lunch and dinner, knit in the dark on the drive home, and nearly finished it in one day.

Whenever I have a new pattern (especially because I usually design with indie or organic yarns, which can feel inaccessible for some people) I try to also show it knit up in a more readily-available commercial yarn. I had one skein of Silk Garden sitting on my desk, and it was perfect.


pendie said...

All of your pictures were gorgeous; I'm envious of you being in that environment. I love the desert and can't wait to visit it again.

Rachel said...

Thanks for bringing me into your world through photos again this morning...simply beautiful! The timing was perfect as I just finished up Black Sun by Ed Abbey last night and had visions of desert swirling in my head!

Your new cowl pattern is lovely as well...commenting here since I've already had the pleasure of winning one of you patterns (which I was just thinking the other day I needed to cast one soon!) so I'll sit this contest out. But, like you, I see the manzanita in the pattern.