Saturday, December 26, 2009

a Christmas walk

I fell asleep last night to the sound of softly falling rain. It was a peaceful end to a glorious Christmas day. We celebrated in Washington, D.C., which was still blanketed in snow from last week's blizzard. It made for a beautiful walk ....

And everyone was decked out in hand-knits! For my mother, I'd knitted a Shetland Triangle in the indigo-dyed silk/wool yarn that I bought in Taos this summer

For my father, I'd knitted a Cambridge Watchcap in a salt-and-pepper alpaca/.wool yarn. He also happened to be wearing the cabled tweed scarf that I knit for him a few years ago.

For my brother in law, I'd knitted a simple cap (based on the Turn a Square hat) in a soft wool/silk yarn. When I asked him what color he wanted, he'd told me that I could knit any color between dark gray and black, so I picked a matte black with charcoal flecks.

For my sister, I'd fashioned a dramatic flower pin: dyed with Kool-Aid, wet-felted, and beaded in the center. It was a little too wild, it turned out, so I was happy to be the one to wear it on the walk, along with my dependable Cambridge Watchcap and Storm Cloud Shawlette.

Mountain Man and my sister were along the walk, too, but since they were wearing hats that had been previously pictured on my blog, they were only too happy to escape the photoshoot. :)


lexa said...

Gorgeous knits!

Merry Christmas!

Kathy said...


Hand knits for each . THey look perfect for each person. So thoughtfully knit.

Family resembelences. WOW your sister and you really are similar in looks.

That they all put up with the blog needs! WHat a family!

Amybel said...

I like your scarf too. Looks warm. Is it one of your patterns?

kristen von minden said...

i love it! your family is so adorable! give them my love <3

(word verification: "mixin")

Turtle said...

looks like a nice day with gorgeous knits! sadly we have been teased with flurries just once ( i repeat once) this year. Last year we were making nbc news for the storms that hit us, keeping folks stranded in their homes for days on end...

Rachel said...

Your family looks so happy to receive hand-knits for the holidays! That is great (as are the knits!). Beautiful reflection on top photo by the way!

Happy New Year Hanna...I hope this year is a good one for you!