Monday, December 07, 2009


We've had a cold snap in Phoenix, bringing the first nighttime frost. I picked all the persimmons off the tree; there were only five of them, but it was the first year that the tree bore fruit, and I didn't want to lose a single one.

Persimmons with curious cat paws

As for me, it's time to hibernate and get to work, so that I can bear some fruit as well!

It's true in my "real" life as it is in my knitting life. The implication for the knitting is that I need to push through the wall with my Seacolors cardigan. Since I hit a point of frustration with the sleeves in late October, I've put it aside and knit two hats, a baby set, a scarf, and half a Christmas stocking. But it's time to resolve the big things. I picked up the cardigan again last night, and I think I finally figured things out. Hopefully will have a finished sweater by the weekend ....


Kathy said...

You can do it. You are an amazing knitter .....Can't wait to see you succeed.

ponyknit said...

Love the pic!!!

If anyone can do it, you can!!!
Can't wait to see it!

kristen von minden said...

whoa, i love that photo!