Sunday, January 17, 2010

India, with a side of knitting

Apologies for the absence here. I've been out of town. WAY out of town.

Taj Mahal at dawn

Bathing ghats in Lake Pichola, Udaipur

The famous blue houses of Jodhpur

Roadside monkeys

Lounging cow

Camel safari, Jaisalmer

The story is that I hopped on a plane the day after Chrismas for a trip an amazing, awe-inspiring, and thoroughly exhausting trip through Rajasthan with my sister and husband. I'm still trying to process it all at the moment.

Of course, with such a long journey, there was plenty of time to knit on planes, trains, and automobiles. I was working on a pair of socks for my sister, and they were pulled out of my bag to work on at every opportune moment ...

Knitting while awaiting lunch, Udaipur

Knitting on a rooftop at sunset, Jaisalmer

Knitting on a camel, Sam Sand Dunes

I do not, though, have any finished socks to show you. It's a stupid story that will be left for another date!


lexa said...

Gorgeous!! What a beautiful trip -- some day I'll get to travel...

Kathy said...

oh knitting on a camel such a great image

ponyknit said...

Awesome! Awesome KIP pics! How cool, on a camel! Thanks for sharing your pics.

alisa said...

so great to see your photos up! send them all to me!!! glad we caught that one of you on the camel.