Saturday, January 30, 2010

great outdoors

The low desert is a lovely place to be in January. It feels clean and sleek after winter rainstorms. The air is soft, carrying more humidity than the rest of the year. The mild temperatures are perfect for hiking and climbing and being out and about.

And Mountain Man and I have been doing much of that! Last weekend, we went out to Devil's Canyon for the first time in ages, and it was glorious to see the snowy mountains in the distance ...

Yesterday we went out to climb in the McDowell Mountains, on the northeastern edge of the Phoenix valley. On the drive there, I finished up a new cap, sewing on two felted leaves as embellishments. It coordinated perfectly with the granite!

It's knit in a gray-green yarn from Manos del Urugay that's been in stash for nearly a decade. I finally figured out what to make with it! The hat design is called "Wild Rose," and it's a simple, top-down cloche pattern that I recently released on Ravelry (and which I'll post more fully about soon). The original pattern has a big, lush rose sewed onto the side, but here I added two felted leaves.

We knew it was going to be a full moon last night, so we didn't start our hike out until nearly sunset. It was a beautiful time to be quietly walking through the desert. A red-tailed hawk watched us from his cliff. A gray fox went slinking away from us through the boulders. Coyotes howled and owls hooted as night fell. And the moonrise? Glorious. Heart-stopping.


pendie said...

I love the hat pattern; had to go fav it in ravelry! I'm so envious of your environment; it's so gorgeous. The central desert in Oregon is cold and often snowy this time of year.

Rachel said...

Wow--beautiful scenery as always! And your moon shot is far more spectacular than mine! The thought of walking out by moonlight just gives me peace...I love that kind of light. Sort of like just having really dark sunglasses on. Everything looks so different.

And that hat is too cute...the leaves are such a great embellishment!

kathy b said...

Great images. I too saw the moon on my way into work yesterday around 6pm Chicago time. It was just rising and so very big to my eye. Very very mesmerizing. Glad you enjoyed it too. WIsh I had heard you owls.