Sunday, July 26, 2009


I finished the second lingering project -- a silk and linen camisole -- just before leaving Taos. Larky snapped this photo of my moments before I climbed into the truck and started the long drive home.

Yarn: Hand Maiden Flaxen, 2 skeins in Peridot
Needles: Size 3 circular

This top was a long time in coming. Originally I envisioned something like my blue hemp cami from a couple of years ago, only with a narrow cable down the center of the front and back. Then I hit a snag in the top shaping and put it down in frustration for an entire year.

This summer, I thought I'd salvage it by turning it into a simple tube top. But I hit another snag: I'd miscounted when placing the cables, such that when the front cable was centered, the back cable was off by 6 stitches. In the end, I ran with the asymmetry and turned the tube around me so that the cables were well off-center and could lead into cabled straps. Thank goodness I hadn't done any waist shaping.

The only thing I'd like to change is to have it a bit looser. I'd made it so small because I wasn't sure that 2 skeins would give me enough yardage for a roomier top (also, when I started it last summer, I was a wee bit smaller myself!).

But all things considered, I'm happy with how it turned out. The gray-green colors are soft and subtle, and the silk/linen blend drapes beautifully without losing its crisp stitches. It's one of the loveliest yarns I've ever knit.


Courtney said...


sylvchezplum said...

I love how the cable runs up the strap. Very pretty, and looks comfy too !

Kathy said...

So lady like. I love the femininity. Great FO. my friend!

Les is more said...

hi hannah! did i spell your name right?!
its leslie, the kinkel's niece in law:) i'm married to zander who is cousins/ best friends with pj. it ok if you do not remember:) however, i stumbled upon your blog again after i lost the address you gave me. consequently, i am now one of your 'followers'!
and my friend katie and i are still going to go swing dancing with you!!

Amybel said...

Quite lovely, and you wear it well! Nice job.

Alisa said...

Oooooh i love how the cable continues into the strap - how truly creative. Now that's thinking on the spot :)