Friday, July 03, 2009

Welcome to Taos

As you may have guessed from the sagebrush and clear light of the last post, I'm not in Arizona anymore. Mountain Man and I are in Taos, New Mexico. And how I love this place, with its rugged, high desert beauty, its summer thunderstorms crashing through the big sky, its perfume of sage and pinon pine!

It's a landscape that really resonates with me (or should that be the other way around?), and I feel so blessed to be able to escape the heat and house-sit for friends here for a couple of weeks.

The knitting projects that I brought with me are all fittingly in blues and silvery sage greens. I didn't plan it that way. It just happened that I wanted to bring along some projects that had been stalled for a while, and the colors were serendipitous.

From left to right: first, a simple tank top in Hand Maiden Flaxen, which has been lying unfinished for over a year; second, that dreadful cotton smock that I'm going to frog and re-knit; third, a slinky one-shouldered top in Farmhouse Bamboo.

I'd love to have these all finished by the time we descend back to Phoenix.


kathy b said...

The simple tank is adorable. Finish that one! I still think you are too hard on yourself with the blue. I love your choice of calm and natural colors. Happy taos

Nashe' said...

i really enjoyed this site !
i am going to make those shawls from summer 08..

pattern looks simple and head ache free !
thanks doll !

wow , i wanna house sit in such a lovely , lovely place.. actually hubby and i been talking about n. Mexico ,we'd love to live there. it's so uhm untouched , such virginal land it ....