Wednesday, May 14, 2008

a sweet moment

Here is a knitting moment that I'd like to capture: taking refuge from the heat of the afternoon, reclining on the sofa, kept company by my napping kitty cat.

Other small thoughts run through my head now that I look at this picture.

My cat is most often portrayed on this blog as eating my fiber, tangling my untangleable mohair, chomping my needles, and generally being a troublemaker. Along these lines, you may notice the puncture wound on my left hand in this picture, which is her gift to me from a recent 'playtime.'

But I think I've been unfair. Ninety percent of the time she's an incredibly sweet and affectionate girl, and I'm glad that I could show that in this picture. Especially since she's had such a tough week (the mockingbirds have been terrorizing her, and I keep seeing the poor girl running headlong across the yard with a bird buzzing at her tail).

The other notable thing about this picture is that I'm actually knitting with straight needles! OMG! This amazes me. The last time I knit with such needles was in spring 2000, a full eight years ago. That's when I discovered circulars, and I haven't touched the straight ones since. But I will say that they have a nice nostalgia to them, and it makes for smooth knitting when you don't have to slide stitches over a join.


Aidan said...

Such a cozy picture! I am also currently knitting on straight needles--very strange. And I also appreciate it when my cat leaves my needles and yarn alone, not to mention decides to nap right on top of the instructions I'm trying to follow. Oh, here she comes right now to lie down on top of the keyboard as I try to leave you a comment. Jealous of the computer?

kathy b said...

Great view , different for a post! our kitties too are 99% incredibly sweet.

Tara said...

Looks fantastically relaxing! My Andre is the same: a little trouble, a lot of laying around lazily!