Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Red Socks & Red Rocks

Mountain Man and I went rock climbing in Sedona last weekend, and I toted along the Vinnland Socks. I fully expected to have them finished by the end of the weekend, but the intensity of the climbing and the sun left me too exhausted (and stiff-fingered) to knit. So, all I've got is 1.75 socks to show you.

They're shown off in front of Queen Victoria Spire, which is the spindly, 220-ft formation in the right background. It looks small compared to the socks, I know. But it was a spectacular climb, and more than a little scary with the whipping wind, the crumbly sandstone, and the vertigo-inducing looks down.

We got to the top just before sunset and got a breathtaking view of Sedona. In the rosy light of sunset, the red rocks looked almost - almost! - as red as these Vinnlands.


Anonymous said...

ooh oooh ooooooooh! look at those socks!!!! That's one lucky gal who gets her feet in those :)

kathy b said...

OH my gosh. This is a wonderful post image . Love the socks rich color. They stitch pattern is really beautiful.

Stone's Throw said...

just came to visit your blog again. You have been doing some incredible work!
My favorites: the color of these socks and the intense lace of the green shrug.
How is letterpress? I fear I sent you thoughts about letterpressing during a low moment in my printmaking career... Hope the lead has been good to you.

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

I love your socks gorgeous and I love your blog:)Hugs Darcy