Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Back in the saddle again....

I fell off the lace horse, but I've swatched and I've sketched and I've cast on again, ever hopeful. Print o'the wave emerged victorious, based on a poll of my close friends. One of my fabulous bridesmaids, currently an architecture student, had this to say about the swatch: "the pattern shows very clearly, and I like the "slippage" as we call it in the architectural world-- the push and pull / altering branch pattern." Love this concept of "slippage."

I cast on last night and happily breezed through a few rows. With so little to show, however, I thought it needed the darkest and most dramatic background... so I tried to lay it against my tranquil, sleeping kitty cat.

Immediate danger! Within seconds she awoke to bite the needle, as pictured above. I should've known better. Here's the destruction she wrought the other day, when I was foolish enough to leave my lace swatch and yarn on the couch.

And in other news, Shedir is progressing steadily. But for some reason, I can't get the picture to post.

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