Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Soon to become the bane of my existence

I desperately need to train myself to be a faster lace knitter.

In my precious free evening last night, I started the trellis lace wrap (still trying to decide on whether I'd prefer Eunny's beautiful shawl, but that's another story). The verdict? After two hours of knitting, this is all I had:

I don't know if I can bear to admit it, but it's only half an inch!! Admittedly that did include time for casting on and counting, counting, and recounting the number of stitches. But at this rate, it will take me 400 hours to finish this shawl. And it's not like a hat, that I toss into my bag and can mindlessly knit anywhere. This is 400 hours of seated, concentrated knitting.

I don't think I can finish by August. I'm afraid by the time I finish this, it'll be just in time to be my death shroud!!

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