Thursday, May 01, 2008


Everywhere I go, I seem to seek out fiber animals. I've been in DC for a few days, and even here I've managed to find some sheep. This was at Mount Vernon, which was George Washington's beautiful estate. Here's my sister just before she pet the sheep:

It was a good opportunity to give her a lecture (and you can guess how much she enjoyed it -- but she was the only one around to lecture!) about lanolin and fiber processing and why sheeps' wool is not the greenest fiber around. Ah, obsessions.

Here's me, getting a little lanolin on my hands:

There were two types of sheep. One of them had a curious, curly coat. Can anyone tell me what kind of sheep this is? I'd love to know.

As we'll be heading out to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival on Saturday, there will undoubtedly be more pictures of fiber animals coming soon. I'll be at the Ravelry meetup at 11:30 on Saturday - hope to see you there if you're coming, too.

And a last little note -- I've been getting more commenters than usual (thank you!) with the launch of Green Knitter. But more than half of the commenters are impossible to respond to, since their Blogger profiles are private or they don't include an email in their profile. If you haven't gotten a response, would you check your settings? Takk!


kristen von minden said...

AWE!! i wish i'd been there too....

tara said...

So sorry I missed you at MDSW! The Ravelry meet-up was a mob scene!
Hope you had fun!

Knit Witch said...

Hey! Such cute sheep! I had sent you some comments but I think I also emailed you. You can reach me at or as theknitwitch on Ravelry.

Barbara said...

I can't tell for sure since the head isn't visible, but I think the curly coat sheep is a Cotswold. Once a very prominent breed in the UK, now considered a rare breed in the US.