Monday, March 31, 2008

A Visit to the Forest

Mountain Man and I went up to Flagstaff last weekend. It was breathtaking, both figuratively (the mountain scenery is gorgeous) and literally (we hiked to 9000 feet!).

I brought along a hat I recently finished, a delicately striped cap that's meant to evoke tree rings. The yarn is Blue Sky Alpacas sportweight in two of their natural browns. It's knit in the round using a nifty little technique so that the stripes match up without jogs.

We spent Saturday rock climbing and Sunday hiking, and we came home happy and well-exercised. Isis was probably the happiest of us all - I wish I had a photo of her bounding along the trail and rolling in the snow. She finally got a taste of winter! But all I have is a photo of us on the hike, with me doing my best to smile in the intense wind and Isis intent on the next adventure:


Sarah said...

Cute hat! I've been wanting to try jogless stripes since reading Grumperina's tutorial a few weeks ago...

Kathy said...

Oh It is Tree rings! I love your cap. Love the photos. Great post