Saturday, April 05, 2008

knitting in green

This is a beautiful season in Phoenix. Temps are in the low 80s; it's already too hot in the sun, but it's incredibly pleasant in the mornings, evenings, and shade. The citrus trees are blooming, the grapefruits are ripe and full, and the sky is clear and blue. Outdoor colors of the moment: green, yellow, and blue.

Knitting colors of the moment: green, green, green. I didn't realize this until I tossed my active projects together. They're all predominantly GREEN. Starting at the top and moving clockwise, there's a strange felting experiment in a green wool, a camisole in pale rosemary-dyed silk, the Primavera socks, and a new lace project in green laceweight merino.

The lace project is my obsession for this week. I love the yarn, which is Kaalund laceweight in 'Camphor Laurel.' The color is a gorgeous, saturated emerald with hints of blues.

It's going to be a delicate shrug, adapted from the 'Little Silk Shrug' pattern in Lace Style. I changed the stitch pattern to the more defined 'Openwork Diamonds,' and I'm probably going to add a ribbed edging like Cast & Bind's version.

Happy spring to you too!


Kim O'Brien said...

It's good to see the grapefruits against the blue sky again! I'm not surprised to hear it's too hot in the sun. Yesterday in Montreal folks were sitting out on the curbs soaking up the rays because the temps were in the 40's! What a contrast.

Love all the green colorways, and am very curious about your felted project. A necklace/decorative scarf/belt thingy?

Can't wait to see the end result of the shrug. I have wanted to knit a long-sleeve version for so long. It would be perfect for here under my heavy coat, but my needles are still stuck in the truck.

Keep posting, Kim

Kathy said...

little silk shrug is beautiful. the whole green post is great!