Saturday, March 22, 2008

feeling springy!

Blogging from Connecticut now, courtesy of free airport wireless (yay!).

I came back East on a last minute trip this week. I was feeling nostalgic for familiar people and places -- it was just my birthday on St. Patrick's Day -- and it was also time to reconnect with graduate school.

It was super to be home!! Here I am in my parents' garden, enjoying the hopeful sunlight and cool freshness of a New England spring.

You can see that I brought my Forecast along for the visit, and I was also wearing my birthday present to myself: a Perl Grey stick pin via One Planet Yarn & Fibers.

I spent a few days in Cambridge before I came down to Connecticut. I had the grand fortune of having a cup of tea with Ellen of Knit Sisters. No photo, alas.

But I do have a photo of some excellent yarn that my friend Gustavo (inspiration for the Cambridge Watchcap, author of the Dinner Bell food blog) brought for me from South America. He's been in Paraguay all year for his PhD research, though I think this particular yarn came from Chile.

It's soft, handspun, and beautifully colored: soft, mossy green with flecks of gold. Perfectly coordinates with the andromeda shrub :)


Rachael said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you had a great trip!

kimberly said...

Happy birthday! I just had mine, too, on Easter. That's a lovely pin and very yummy-looking yarn. What fun to meet some blogging friends in person.

Kathy said...

Good that you followed your heart and went to home. You look so happy in the picture. I love the sweater the scarf AND the shwal pin. I really love the shwal pin. happy birthday late