Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Here's a precious little something to "awww..." about:

The patterns are Lacy Bonnet, from Knitting for Two, and Saartje's Booties. I love these patterns. They feel fancy and girly, but they're also quick and uncomplicated to knit. I used this combination for the white set with hearts, and I will probably come back to it again, although I have my doubts about the appeal of tie-under-the-neck bonnets compared to caps. (Any thoughts from moms or dads out there?)

The tie of the bonnet is a lovely silk ribbon. The yarn is a soft and bouncy worsted merino (label fell off) that I kettle dyed with cochineal last summer. It really, truly is the shocking pink that you see in the picture. I loved it all so much I almost didn't want to send it off to the intended baby!


Anonymous said...

these are gorgeous, and sooooooooooo cute! you're gonna make a baby (and mommy, most likely, quite happy!)
about the appeal ribbon tie on the hat:unless the pattern provides with an oppotunity for ribbing or shape that will allow for a firm and tight fit on the baby's head, ties are necessary and absolutely required... otherwise the hat will be pulled and dropped, for sure, even if the baby is very very small! so "closures" are a must, be it in the shape of buttons or ribbons or i-cord or frogs, whatever fits! my only concern with long ribbons if that although they look very pretty and romantic, they become tangly both for the parents and for the baby...think about all the other "straps" involved with tiny babies: safety straps, harnesses in car seats or strollers, pacifier toggles, etc... and if they don't get tangled, well, they become chew toys for most babies (both my kids loved to suckle on they jacket hood's tie... go figure...) that's just my thought on the subject (but if it cheers you up, I just gave a knitted hat last week to a friend expecting a baby girl and it did have long ribbon ties... they're just too darn cute!)

Macoco said...

That is a really wonderful set. I especially love how it's set against all of the greenery. My senses are just craving all of the greenery that spring brings!

kathy b said...

Oh the knits are incredible. Great to put them against the delicate ferns. I can see why you ALMOST wouldn't part with them! I am impressed that you kettle dyed the yarn yourself. YOU Rock

Ren said...

that is such a cute baby set! the color is great, too. : )

what modifications did you make to the booties to use worsted yarn? i really want to make a pair that will match a hat i'm making in worsted.

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Absolutely gorgeous baby set love the little hatYummy:)Hugs Darcy