Friday, December 28, 2007

blogging thoughts and baby knits

Part I: Thoughts on Blogging

I've gotten into a bad blogging cycle. In the beginning, I'd blog about any little thing, from turning a heel to starting a lace pattern. Somehow I've transitioned to where I feel like my posts should be more collected, significant, and well-presented.

The problem is that I rarely manage to be significant and well-presented, so I end up rarely posting. When I do post, it's usually a pithy little thing that I toss out there when I feel like it's been way too long since my last post. I have a whole backlog of FO's and dyeing experiments and book reviews that I'd love to blog about but couldn't find the energy to write up well.

Enough of that, I say! Time to get back to the beginner's mind.

Part II: Baby Gifts

This is a bonnet and booties that I knit for my godmother's daughter, who had a baby girl in the fall. I am so happy with how the set turned out! The bonnet is the Lacy Bonnet from Knitting for Two, trimmed with heart-patterned cloth ribbon. The booties are Saartje's Booties, trimmed with heart buttons. Yarn is Ornaghi 'Merino Kind Superfine,' which is a soft and springy fingering-weight merino.

I tried two other bootie patterns before I met success with Saartje's pattern. It's quick and sweet, and the garter stitch makes the booties stretchy. My only difficulty was with the button loops on the strap-ends. I ended up making an eyelet at the tip (with a yo, k2tog in the middle row), which I then crocheted around. It made for a decorative loop that sets off the buttons.


Macoco said...

That is a very pretty baby set. That ribbon is absolutely perfect for the bonnet and the red buttons pull it all together.

Theresa said...

Love the set - esp the ribbon.

I feel that blogging is a mix of the significant and the insignificant. And I find that the more I blog, the better it is. Hmmm . . . maybe I should blog today :)

sarah said...

I love Saartje's booties, so easy! The button loops confused me a bit the first time but they beat out the finicky-ness of other bootie patterns.

Ursula said...

I love the set! It has that heirloom quality. Beautiful!I've been meaning to knit the booties for my nephew. I'll get around to them soon enough :) Good to know about the button holes. Thanks!

Thanks for sharing your engagement story and passing on the word. I wonder how long my fiancee waited for me to join him in the kitchen. I was of course at the dining room table reading through all the blogs and emails before I realized I should help him with breakfast. Then it was just moments later!

Happy New Year!

Camera Girl said...

These are beautiful!