Saturday, December 15, 2007


Here's a peek at a few strange, crafty touches to Christmas at my house:

1. Centerpiece of yarn in a glass bowl

2. Owl tree topper:

(You can see the construction better from the back: I cut out plastic canvas to shape the wings and inner tube, stitched felt around the shapes, stitched a soft head and secured it to the top of the tube, stuffed the body with a bit of wool, and glued on a mess of feathers)

3. Wool doily.

I made this by casting on 12 stitches, knitting one row to join in a circle, and then increasing in 12 sections (first inc row was {yo,k1}, second was {yo,k2} and so forth, with a plain knit row in between each increase row). It doesn't lay flat and has no apparent purpose. But - hey! - it used up an odd partial ball of Ultra Alpaca from my stash.

4. Winter Accessories for the Buddha

We don't want the Buddha to get cold! His hat and scarf were inspired by the statues we saw at a temple in Nara, a number of which had been covered in hand-knits.

LOVE the capelet!


Gina said...

Hi! I heard about your blog through one of my friends (Laura B.) and I am absolutely hooked. You are so talented, witty, and creative! It's so much fun to check in to see your latest projects. Do you sell any of your work? Anyways, I thought I would post a comment to let you know how fabulous your blog is.
ps. I love the buddha coverings!

Alisa said...

Ooh, I do love the Buddha accessories! And the owl is pretty fabulous.

Macoco said...

The Buddha accessories are just fabulous. You're so thoughtful. :)