Thursday, January 31, 2008

rainy day knitting

Last Sunday was a gloriously drab, chilly and rainy day. We don't get days like that in Phoenix very often, so I treasure them! It was perfect for curling up in the living room, listening to NPR, sipping tea, and catching up on knitting. First up: here's a little camping kerchief:

It's a 'commission' for a friend, who asked me to duplicate a camping kerchief that she bought years ago in South Africa. Hers was made with one strand of fine, soft cotton and one strand of hemp - it was a really interesting combination, because the cotton kept it soft while the stiff hemp somehow kept it from smooshing shapelessly and clammily against one's head. I couldn't duplicate that, so I substituted LanaHemp's allhemp6 in "deep river," leftover from my hemp camisole. It's basically a garter stitch triangle with ties, knit on size 7s.

(note to world: I'm happy with the kerchief, I swear. It's just that self-taken photos of my face are the bane of my existence.)
(note to self: then stop knitting so many hats!)

Anyways, in addition to this pleasant little kerchief, I finally did the finishing on a felted camera case for my mom. It needed a button and a bit of crocheting 'round the top after, ahem, I felted it down more than I should've. It's Malabrigo in "pagoda," leftover from my sister's ribbed hat.

And in addition that THAT I darned my Fleece Artist socks (only a year and a half old, never worn in shoes, and not worn at all during sandal season (May-Oct), so I can't say I'm impressed with how they've worn). And I fixed some frayed edges on a couple of sweaters. This was all the little stuff that's been sitting in my knitting basket, untended, for ages. I LOVE rainy days!


Rachael said...
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Rachael said...

I love days like that, getting those little things done somehow seems like such a huge accomplishment at the end of the day! Congrats!

Suzy Girl said...

We get too many days like that here, but spending it productively while enjoying tea and NPR, well, sounds like a great day to me.
And that kerchief is so cute!