Monday, January 28, 2008

Make My Day

I'm such a lucky girl - both Cattywampus and Suzy Girl gave me a You Make My Day blog award! Yay! I never get nominated for these kinds of bloggy things - memes, awards, and the like - so I'm very happy indeed.

Now I'm supposed to bestow the same honor on 10 blogs that bring me happiness and inspiration and make me feel happy about blogland (seriously, I'm told those are the official rules). Here they are, with my two cents about what make them so fantastic:

1. Knit Sisters - witty, oh so witty, and fabulously knitty
2. Knitting Iris - gorgous photography, knitting, and dyeing
3. Tres Chic Veronique - lovely, lovely knitting and sewing.
4. Lickity Knit - knitting with highly entertaining self-deprecating humor
5. Riihivilla - inspiring natural dyeing
6. Creative Idyll/Blonde Chicken Boutique - just discovered her, she has gorgeous yarns with interesting stories
7. Craft Pirate - fun, spirited, and reminds me (sniff!) of Boston
8. Cosmicpluto - how does she knit so fast? one of the earliest blogs I read, still keeps me reading
9. Marnie, speak! - gorgeous designs, good storytelling, cute doggies
10. Getting Stitched on the Farm - yay for farms! I live vicariously through her

And for good measure I'll also direct you to two non-knitting blogs that make me happy (consider yourselves nominated too, guys):
PhD Procrastinating - for some fascinating Indian travels and thoughts on the world
The Dinner Bell - for some fantastic cooking with a Paraguayan twist


Veronique said...

*blush* Thank you!

Macoco said...

awww thank you so much! :)

tara said...

Aw! Thanks!

Ellen said...

Hanna, thank you so much!

This makes *my* day.


Kathy said...

This honor makes it so fun to explore other blogs. Thanks for your list.

Marnie said...

Hanna, you are too kind. It means a lot to be picked from all the many many great blogs out there :)

Leena said...

Hanna, thank you, I am very flattered. You have also interesting dye things in your blog, I now saw that I have visited your blog before, because I remember the cochineal jars in your post in last September:-)
I was going to try that also, but forgotten, but now that is what I should do, too.

phdprocrastinating said...

thanks for the plug! i should hire you as a PR rep. i've now moved to Sri Lanka for a couple months, so will be doing some Colombo-blogging. keep knitting and blogging. . .