Monday, September 05, 2011

old, new, traded, blue

Last summer, after I finished the pattern for the Sagebrush Shrug, I set to knitting a second one. It was last seen during a climbing trip last August. But after finishing the body, I ran out of the yarn, and I just paused on the whole enterprise.

For a while I thought, heck, I've got gobs of yarn hanging around, why don't I knit the ribbing in something else? And so the unfinished shrug and a spare ball of black yarn were toted to my Cambridge apartment (evidence: here) where they sat untouched for an entire year. Truth be told, I didn't want to do it that way. So, I finally got myself together enough to just go on Ravelry and trade with another knitter for the right yarn.

In no time at all, I've finished the ribbing around the body opening. Looking good. Now I just have to pick up and knit the ribbing around the arms.

I'm really a terrible procrastinator, but it always does feel so delicious when I finally face the music and get things done. In that vein, there's always mowing the lawn ...

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Turtle said...

lol, i admit to the fact that i sold my lawn mower in a yard sale last year and now have my neighbor mow it!

love the lace and color your using!! Fall has shown up in the evening temps here and this weekend noticed the leaves were starting to fall and change at camp! yikes!