Sunday, September 11, 2011


I spent several days in Seattle for a conference. What a beautiful city! I saw all the sights ....

The Space Needle

Pike's Place Market

City Lights

Maritime Sunsets

Mount St. Helen's (on my flight home)

It was a grand trip. Intellectual stimulation. Catching up with old friends, some of whom I hadn't seen in a decade. Falling under the spell of Seattle in the summer.

There was no knitting, as you might gather. But my knitting life did profoundly color the trip, as I stayed with a friend who used to be in my knitting group in Phoenix. Actually, she moved to Seattle just before I moved to Phoenix, so we never overlapped. But she's a fantastic virtual member of the group on Ravelry, and she still visits from time to time, and she generously opened her place to me even though we hardly knew each other in real life. Isn't the knitting community awesome?


Bonnie K said...

Lovely photos! Yes, I am always awed by how friendly, helpful, and generous knitters (or any other fiber-related people). I'm sure this trip provided you with plenty of inspiration for future knitting endeavors.

Bonnie K said...

oops! meant to say "...generous knitters ARE..."

By the way, I a making up yet another of your Storm Cloud Shawlettes - #3. Such a fun and fairly mindless project to work on. Great for those times when you want something simple...yet it is so elegant. I just love how these drape! Thanks for working it up and for sharing with the rest of us. (And BIG thanks to EZ for the initial inspiration!)

Acorn to Oak said...

Oooooh...I love Seattle. Looks like the weather was beautiful while you were there.

Florence said...

Lovely photos! It's always nice connecting with old friends.

Turtle said...

you brat! i live 3 miles from the ferry that takes you to pikes place market! Hope you had fun, hey , we even held off on our infamous rain just for you!

kathy b said...

yes Pretend knit friends are even more amazing in person

KnitBee said...

Great photos from the city where my most favorite tv series "Grey's anatomy" takes place.
Thank you, Bine