Monday, November 29, 2010

Texas Thanksgiving

I spent a marvelous Thanksgiving down in the hill country of Texas. It was beautiful, with such a distinctive color and texture palette, and it kicked me into inspired crafting mode!

Soaring live oaks

Darling old farmhouse (where we stayed)


Cow face

Rusty barbed wire

Corrugated metal

Rusting out old cars

When I flew into Austin, I made time to swing by Hill Country Weavers, which is probably the most incredible yarn store I've ever been to. I was particularly impressed by their organic and eco-friendly yarn selection. If my bag hadn't been so full, I would've definitely come home with several projects worth of yarn! But I did treat myself to a pair of Addi Lace needles and from then on, knitted like the wind!

And just what was it that I was knitting? I finally picked a yarn for my final Vermont shawl -- Miss Babs "Yet" in Verdigris -- and by the end of the trip had finished about half of the shawl. It's so hard to see cramped up on a needle like this, especially washed out by the bright Texas sunshine, but you'll have to trust me: it's gorgeous!


Turtle said...

likes... pics and fiber content!

Rachel Star Koladis said...

It looks like it was an inspiring holiday for you! I am sure the shawl is lovely!

Gigi said...

We spent our Thanksgiving in the Hill Country too -- rented a house in Fredericksburg. We love it there.
And isn't Hill Country Weavers the best shop!? I remember going to their first location way back in the 70's -- great place. Your shawl is looking lovely -- wonderful color.

kathy b said...

Just look at that shawl...bound to be another beauty!