Friday, November 05, 2010


Has it really been three weeks since I last posted? I don't know what's going on. A series of little disappointments, I guess.

rain on the window, uninspiring light

endless swatching

a too big hat that I need to unravel

*sigh* And the biggest disappointment that kicked off this craft/blog malaise was that my Rhinebeck yarn quest failed. I did not find yarn for my final Vermont shawl. It may be time for a local yarn crawl this weekend ...


Goldibug said...

You have to rip out the hat! Noooo! It's so gorgeous! I wish it was the size you need. Did you design it yourself?

Rachel said...

At least it looks like you are still knitting...when I have a series of knitting disappointments I tend shy away from knitting for a few weeks.

Hopefully all will turn in your favor soon!