Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Claybrook Farm

I'm back in Boston this week. It's been splendid: the hustle and bustle of the city, the scent of lilacs and lily-of-the-valley, good friends, greenness. Loveliest of all, on Sunday I got to visit Claybrook Farm and get a dose of rural New England perfection.

The farm is owned by my friend's aunt Charlotte, who has a fantastic quilting studio in the 18th century barn. It was such a pleasure to see her artistry and craftsmanship, not to mention the most incredible fabric stash you've ever seen! I wish that I'd taken photos of her work to show you, too, but pretty soon you'll be able to see some of them on her new blog, Claybrook Farm Quilts, which we set up while I was there.

They also keep a small flock of Shetland lambs. There's "Patches" leading the charge downhill, and later captured competently in Emaline's arms. I got to snuggle a little lamb, too, but I realize now that I was holding it as if it were a cat.

We got a real kick out of the chickens, too. Even got to catch some of 'em!

Both of these dear friends are knitters, by the way. My friend on the left is the one who taught me to knit while rambling around Peru during college. Someday I'll tell the story ... maybe on my 10-year knitting anniversary next year.


Turtle said...

hey, was this in VT? looks like vt or nh . great pics! (makes me homesick!)

My Fair Daisy said...

Charlotte does do beautiful work! I used to work at a co-op that she is a member at and have long admired her work :)

Lanora said...

All my favorite I miss quilting that's taken a back seat to my knitting! That place is a dream.