Thursday, March 04, 2010

two steps forward ....

I've got progress on my Katarina cardigan to show off! Although, things are slightly awry.

Good news first: I've finished knitting the front and back. Naturally, I had to tinker with the pattern, so I knit this portion of the sweater seamlessly and adjusted the armscye and waist shaping for my own body.

Bad news: My stitch substitution for the bottom edge just does not work. I didn't like the original rolled edge, so I swatched and convinced myself that twisted ribbing would work instead. I'm in love with the texture of twisted ribbing. But in the final garment, I have to admit that it doesn't pull in enough, such that the bottom edge flares or could even flip up.

So, instead of casting on for the sleeves at my knitting night tonight, I'm afraid it'll be time for sweater surgery. My plan is to cut off this bottom section, pick up the live stockinette edge stitches, and knit downwards in garter stitch on smaller needles. UGH.

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Turtle said...

brave!!! cutting, grin!