Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Saturday was climbing day for Mountain Man and me. We had a lovely drive out past the Superstitions, past the old mining town of Superior, up into Lower Devil's Canyon. After all the rain a few weeks ago, the low desert has sprouted a luxuriant green carpet -- grasses, wildflowers, mosses -- and it's spectacular to drive through.

I brought no fewer than three knitting projects to work on, each tailored to a different set of conditions for knitting (sort of akin to the way that Incan farmers had potato varieties exquisitely adapted to each microclimate of altitude, sun, terrain, etc.).

For the drive there, I brought the sleeves of my cardigan. Tedious, but I needed to keep up momentum on this project, and its boringness let me enjoy the scenery and even knit on the dirt roads.

For breaks between climbs, I brought a new shawlette experiment in a springy gray-brown sportweight wool. It was a lightweight project to carry in my climbing pack. And most importantly, since my hands get dirty with metallic dust from the ropes, I needed a darker yarn for this knitting microclimate.

For the nighttime drive home, I need to be able to knit by feel, so my third project was stockinette in the round. I can't show it to you, though, since I was knitting in the dark!

On another note: here's sending out a big thank you to Acorn to Oak, who nominated me for a Kreative Blogger award. What I'm supposed to do now is post the award logo and nominate 7 more blogs and reveal 7 interesting things you wouldn't know about me ... BUT one thing you do know about me is that I don't like following patterns or rules, so I'm going to do it my way.

I'll cut right to the chase and share a handful of blogs that have been making me happy lately: twoandsix, cocoknits, knittyvana, lolly knitting around, The Times We Are Living In, Ecologicalartist, naturally nina, Colette Patterns

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Rachel said...

Hey, thanks! Glad that you enjoy reading...made my day. Now, need to find the time to get another post up before I let a month pass!

Looks like you come prepared for everything when you take a weekend for climbing...I'm impressed!