Saturday, March 27, 2010


Mending day. A quiet Saturday where I felt like tackling the little tasks that I've been putting off, like darning holes in handknit socks. Have a look at the heels, and you can see my handiwork.

There are two main techniques for patching holes in handknits: weaving and duplicate stitch. I went with duplicate stitch in the original yarn because I thought it would be least conspicuous. But I suspect the weaving technique would be faster ... I don't know, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the matter.

It turns out there was a good reason to put this task off for so long. It's dreadfully time-consuming and annoying! I don't think I would've started it today if I'd known how long it would take. But grumpiness aside, I was so pleased to have the socks patched up that I kept full steam ahead and mended some clothing.

I mended a tear in a linen shirt, re-sewed a zipper in a pair of slacks, and patched holes in two pair of pants. These are the kind of tasks that are very satisfying in a quiet way.


Dawn Dutton said...

Doesn't it feel great to get these tasks done... You did a great job on the socks. Way to go! yeah

Mandy said...

The socks look great! I use the weaving technique:

Joanne said...

I've done some learning about darning (and darning) over my lean graduate student years and beyond! Duplicate stitching and weaving (imo) are for different sizes and types of holes. Weaving often closes up an enormous hole, and then one duplicate stitch "knits" up over the weaving scaffolding. Duplicate stitching on its own is for a wee hole where just one stitch or two has been lost. By the time I get to a lot of my holes, they need the weaving scaffolding first. I hardly ever catch things where just one duplicate stitch or two will do!

I almost always have a pile of mending sitting around waiting for me. It's not my favorite activity. However, that said, it is enormously satisfying when you can give an older garment new life. Right now, I've got a pile with several shirts with rips or loose seams, a button issue, and even a zipper to put in. Maybe spring and your post will inspire me to mend!