Monday, November 30, 2009

star crossed cap

Yesterday I made a hat for my sister. The pattern is the Star-Crossed Slouchy Beret, although it turned out more like a sculptural, cabled cloche because of the texture of the yarn.

The yarn is a gorgeous soft, grey cormo from Elsa Wool, which I picked up at the Taos Wool Festival earlier this fall. It's the yummiest, bounciest, cushiest wool I've ever knit with. I had one skein of woolen-spun sportweight yarn, which I knit doubled on size 10.5 needles.

As I said, the pattern is meant to make a slouchy beret, but because this yarn is so elastic, the fabric really pulled inwards, and it came out more like a mushroom shape. When worn, it hugs the face and then curves out to add a little volume to the crown of the head. Personally, I think it's an amazing piece, and I think my sister looks fantastically stylish in it.

However, I did promise to knit her a hat of her choosing, so I'm just going to have to knit her another version now!


cinnamint said...

Your sister's head is mighty warm. I heard it from the source. And that overhead shot is mighty neat too!

kristen von minden said...


Kathy said...

Really a great impressive knit! Mushroom smushroom!