Wednesday, November 25, 2009

subtle beauty

I'm back east now, back to Connecticut for Thanksgiving, back to the nest of my family and my childhood home. I flew on Monday to avoid the freneticism of holiday travel. It was a peaceful trip, with books on tape and the comfort of knitting and soft, subtle light over clouds.

What a shock to the system, though, to arrive to the drabness of New England November! I've gotten so used to the technicolor of Arizona that it takes a while for my eyes to recalibrate to this flat palette: cold pale light, steely skies, skeletal trees, in a chilly late autumn rain

Dim, drizzly, drippy, dreary. All the descriptive words that come to mind start with a thud and taper off in a gray shiver.

And yet, once my eyes adjust, it's a pleasure to see the subtle beauty in it. The faintest of pink in a twilight cloud. The sculptural forms of the trees. The muted dignity of a hydrangea flower, holding on until frost.

Not to mention, it makes for blissful knitting, with a cup of steaming tea and my mother's fat gray cat by my side.


Cardimoon said...

"Dim, drizzly, drippy, dreary."
= dreich in Scotland, another d word for your list :)

kristen von minden said...

love those new photos, h. xx

Kathy said...

You had me at your mother's fat grey cat!