Monday, August 24, 2009

light blue

This top is about the redemption of my blue cotton top. I unraveled it all the way to the smocking and re-knit it. I made it slender this time, with garter stitch stripes down the sides.

I like it now. I'm glad I took the time to do it right.

If you don't remember what it looked like before, you're kind of out of luck. I decided that it was so hideously unflattering that I took down the post of me wearing it! (Although you can see it hanging here).

And that's the end of my Vermont summer knitting. I'm back in Phoenix. Been back for almost a week. It's good to get back to regular life, but it does make me a little blue. Light blue, you might say. Like my top.

I'll leave you with a dose of gorgeous deep blue from Vermont .... a blue jay feather on our stone wall, found the morning that we left.


Kathy said...

Wow you know how to make a garment fit you so well. I love the ribbed sides now. I thought it was a great idea at the time.

The bluejay feather is a lovely. We heard of a way to get the family to talk together using a Talking Feather. From what we gleened , the Native AMERICANS used to pass a feather amongs them. When you had the feather you could speak your peace. No one can interrupt you. Then it was passed to the next person in the circle.

SOmetimes When I find a great feather it reminds me to have a Talking Feather night.

Amybel said...

It certainly looks a lot better now. And yes, I remember what it looked like before (snicker)!

Rachel said...

Kudos for going back and fixing it to fit better! It looks amazing (although I am missing the cable going up the front--I loved that design feature!)!

ponyknit said...

Ooooh I love this version. LOVE it on you!