Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Flagstaff weekend

I'm still recuperating after an incredible but thoroughly exhausting weekend in Flagstaff. Mountain Man and I headed north to escape the horrendous heat we've been having in the Phoenix valley (last week hovered around 110). It was glorious to be up in the cooler mountains, camping under starry skies, knitting by the campfire, and getting out for some awesome hikes and climbs.

Hiking around the San Francisco mountains.

Naturally-dyed Churro yarn from the farmers' market

Aspen forest

Leafy baby blanket

I'm pretty psyched about this new knitting project, which is a baby blanket with an embossed leaf motif. I spent a long time last week working out the leaf charts, and the knitting flew by over the weekend (sometimes those traffic delays come in handy, ha ha).

It's knit in the new Spud & Chloe 'Sweater' yarn, an aran weight organic cotton and superwash wool blend. I LOVE this yarn. It's fabulously soft, has commendable stitch definition, and, best of all, is machine washable. I'm really enjoying knitting this up!


sylvchezplum said...

Pretty pics, Flagstaff reminds me of great memories ... And the baby blanket looks totally awesome so far !

Bebiane said...

I love your baby blanket, beautiful green.

lexa said...

Love the baby blanket! You always have such beautiful greens. :)

Kathy said...

Such a baby blanket there never was before! love it .

Lisa said...

If I could move to Flagstaff, I'd be there so fast your head would spin! I lived in Prescott for a while as a child, and I miss the mountains terriby.