Thursday, May 14, 2009

spring blossoms and knitting memories

I stole a few days in DC this past week to visit my sister. It was glorious: my chance to drink in a real, honest-to-goodness East Coast springtime. The air carried the perfume of cut grass and honeysuckle. The sky was blue, except when it was raining, when it was gloriously gray and wet.

And my soul got its fill of spring flowers: catnip, azaleas, peonies, buttercups, irises, wisteria


There was a bit of knitting content snuck in during the week, too. We stopped at Knit Happens in Alexandria, which is one of the sweetest knitting stores I've ever visited, with an impressive array of organic yarns. And, of course, I was knitting on planes, trains, and automobiles.

I'm thinking very fondly of the drive back to the airport this afternoon. My sister was driving. I was riding shotgun and knitting. We sang and sang the whole way, me singing the melody and my sister singing harmony. It was a beautiful moment.


lexa said...

Sounds like a wonderful visit!

Kathy said...

My sister and sing and sing together but it isn't beautiful! We sound all chicago nasally and churchy. Thanks for loving our springtime. Im always jealous of warmer areas in the winter! The spring delight is short lived. Wish the flowers lasted all summer. Alas, the annuals have to come to play.

Alisa said...

beautiful moments indeed. and beautiful voices. we need to do that more often. pick a song, i'll work a harmony.